Swim Poll of the Week: 69% Believe High School Swimming Should Be Spring Sport During COVID


This is the Swim Poll of the Week for Thursday July 30, 2020, sponsored by Strechcordz Swim Training Products. In our last poll, we wanted to know: If US high schools cannot open in the fall, should high school swimming be moved to the spring?

The coronavirus pandemic has yet to be controlled in the United States, as new daily cases continue to climb with no end in sight. The virus is drastically affecting sports at all levels, and with school starting within the next few weeks there are lots of question marks surrounding the status of fall sports.

In Florida, swimming is done in the fall, and the FHSAA had voted to go ahead with the fall sports season, but has since pushed back the start of fall sports, including high school swimming, for a month in hopes that more information on the virus will be made available between now and then. Some big name schools like 2A state champs Pine Crest have already decided to not participate in any fall sports this semester, causing a big blow to those athletes involved.

As the virus continues, the winter sports season is up in the air, and we pose the question: would it be safer and more effective to move high school swimming to the spring? Each state’s season differs, but should every state move swimming to the spring?

We asked for the swim poll and it looks like our audience sided with moving high school swimming…

Here are the answers regarding moving high school swimming temporarily:

Yes – 69%

No, keep as is – 18%

No, not yet – 13%




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    • Doug Schack

      Miranda Emaus they’ll feel better about it.

  1. Ja Bounce

    Sooooo the Multi-Sport Athletes will be forced to “adjust”… Booooooo