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All advertising circulation statistics are now combined into three numbers: Views, Visitors and Social Media Reach.
We will no longer separate print distribution from digital distribution, nor paid from free distribution.
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Our staff takes pride in being the world’s leading independent resource for aquatic news.

Sports Publications International (SPI) first published Swimming World Magazine – The Most Trusted Source for News, Training, Technique and Lifestyle – over a half a century ago. SPI is now a multi-media outlet that includes print, online, TV, Radio and social media.

The magazine, both print and digital, presents complete national and international coverage of competitive aquatic sports; including open water, diving, synchro and water polo. This includes stunning photos, columns and personality features of age group, high school, college and elite athletes. Total Access allows subscribers to download and view magazines on any device.

This magazine comes out every two weeks and aggregates all the top internet stories that you might have missed in the fleeting world of internet content.  Each issue recaps top stories and unique content not previously published.

This magazine comes out every three months and includes great information on training and technique.  The content is geared for coaches and swimmers who want to learn more about the science and technical aspects of competitive swimming.  Look for additional features on dryland, health and mental training with each issue.

Swimming World offers a Total Access Subscription online giving visitors unlimited access to SwimmingWorld.com and Swimming World Mobile news, plus digital access to the current and past years of Swimming World Magazine issues.  News content is  produced 24/7 by professionals around the world.

Swimming World is on the pool deck at all the major events! We capture highlights of prelim and finals races, session recaps, athlete interviews and more on our SwimmingWorld.TV event landing pages. Swimming World can incorporate editorial sponsors, event sponsors, coverage sponsors, digital ads on event landing pages, lower third sponsorship signage and much more. All coverage content is forever archived on SwimmingWorld.TV along with the advertising signage around the event.

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A full page ad in Swimming World Magazine will now appear in four magazine formats each month (1 print and 3 digital issues).  All content featuring your sponsored ad will include social media blasts and boosts to increase exposure and drive people to your website or Facebook page.  And finally, your full page ad qualifies you for a free block, banner or skyscraper ad on SwimmingWorld.com that same month.

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