(Music Video) The Speedo Rap, Featuring Jason Lezak

Photo Courtesy: YouTube

Bringing back this story from Cathleen Pruden, Swimming World intern.  If you missed this one from July 2016…it will be some good entertainment for today! 

Most swimmers and fans stayed busy at the U.S. Olympic Trials in Omaha by swimming, watching eight days of racing, and exploring the Aqua Zone. For two athletes, that was not enough. Kevin Ferguson and Colin Babcock wrote and recorded a rap about swimming and Speedos while at Olympic Trials.

The four minute production is called “The Speedo Rap.” Ferguson and Babcock were so proud of their work, they have turned it into a music video.

Olympic legend Jason Lezak even makes an appearance. The four time Olympic gold medalist even has a lyric to his name, “This suit will save the day like it’s Jason Lezak!”

Babcock competed in the 100 breaststroke at Trials while Ferguson swam the 50 freestyle. The artistic duo swim at The Olympic Club in San Francisco.


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    Laura Molinari

    Katie Molinari

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    Naveh Eldar

    I’m pretty sure Speedo threw some money behind that video! ???

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      Kevin Blake Ferguson

      Sadly they didn’t, but we’re hoping we get a free suit out of it 😉

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    Monica Linn

    OMG…I freakin’ LOVE this.

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    Thomas A. Small

    Love it

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    Krisztina Kiesewetter

    Ted Kiesewetter

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    Thomas C. Buckley

    Great work guys! Really clever and fun to watch.