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The End of a Career: When That Final Race Looms

The End - When the Final Race Looms “Step up.” “Take your mark.” “Go!” Between practices and meets, practically every swimmer grows up having these three phrases ingrained into their heads. We condition ourselves in preparation of hearing the horn of a starting system beginning our race. Age groups....

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Commentary: Why The Clock Matters & The League Must Tick The Tock Box

The International Swimming League has been a huge success this fall with many of the world's best swimmers participating in the exciting league that gives them a chance to race the best and travel around the world more often. It's been a big win for the athletes who have been longing for something m...

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Tokyo 2020 Olympic Marathon: A Tale Of Two Venues & Swimmer Safety

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Marathon Goes North for runners and walkers - swimmers deserve the same safety protections: time to Go North, move the swim 500 miles upstream Commentary: The Coordination Committee for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games is meeting in Tokyo this week. If they have a scintilla of interes...

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Special Olympics Promote Inclusion With Unified Partners

By Molly Griswold, Swimming World College Intern. “We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.” -JK Rowling Division can occur both within and between sports teams due to a variety factors. Unification, however, plays a vital role in success for all sports, including swi...