Who Says NCAA Division II Swimming Isn’t Fast?

Photo Courtesy: Peter H. Bick

By Andy Ross, Swimming World College Intern

The NCAA Division II Swimming & Diving Championships concluded this weekend with a slew of new records.

Below is a list of the national records broken from this meet and the previous records before this meet:

Women’s 200 IM: Patricia Castro Ortega (Queens) 1:58.60. Old record- Katharina Fischer 1:59.21

Men’s 200 IM: Matthew Josa (Queens) 1:41.94. Old record- Matthew Josa 1:43.96

Women’s 50 Free: Wen Xu (Drury) 22.46. Old record- Ana Azambuja 22.54

Women’s 200 Medley Relay: Drury (Katya Rudenko, Zuzanna Chwadeczko, Vera Johansson, Wen Xu) 1:40.09. Old record- 1:40.45, Drury

Women’s 200 Free Relay: Drury (Wen Xu, Vera Johansson, Katya Rudenko, Janet Yu) 1:30.57. Old record- 1:31.64, Wayne State

Men’s 200 Free Relay: Wayne State (Till Barthel, Piotr Jachowicz, Soren Holm, Joshua Schacht) 1:18.89. Old record- 1:19.00, Drury

Men’s 400 IM: Nick Arakelian (Queens) 3:43.84. Old record- Piotr Jachowicz, 3:47.62

Women’s 100 Fly: Armony Dumur (Wingate) 52.42. Old record- Hannah Peiffer, 53.45.

Men’s 100 Fly: Matthew Josa (Queens) 44.89. Old record- Matthew Josa, 45.45.

Women’s 200 Free: Patricia Castro Ortega (Queens) 1:45.27. Old record- Loni Burton, 1:47.10.

Men’s 400 Medley Relay: Queens (John Suther, Nic Eriksson, Matthew Josa, Benjamin Taylor) 3:08.07. Old record- Queens, 3:11.10

Women’s 500 Free: Patricia Castro Ortega (Queens) 4:43.37. Old record- Kristen Frost, 4:45.69.

Men’s 500 Free: Nick Arakelian (Queens) 4:20.98. Old record- Iaroslav Denysenko, 4:21.48.

Men’s 100 Back: Krzysztof Jankiewicz (Lindenwood) 46.65. Old record- Oscar Pereiro, 46.99.

Men’s 100 Breast: Anton Lobanov (Nova S’Eastern) 51.63. Old record- Aleksander Hetland, 52.43.

Men’s 200 Fly: Matthew Josa (Queens) 1:42.96. Old record- Jun Han Kim, 1:42.99.

Women’s 800 Free Relay: Queens (Patricia Castro Ortega, Lillian Gordy, Mckenzie Stevens, Caroline Arakelian) 7:14.69. Old record- Drury, 7:20.08.

Men’s 800 Free Relay: Queens (Nick Arakelian, Benjamin Taylor, Hayden Kosater, Matthew Josa) 6:26.29. Old record- Florida Southern, 6:27.73.

Women’s 100 Free: Patricia Castro Ortega (Queens) 48.92. Old record- Ana Azambuja, 48.94.

Women’s 200 Breast: Rebecca Matthews (Lynn) 2:10.77. Old record- Agnieszka Ostrowska, 2:11.45.

Men’s 200 Breast: Anton Lobanov (Nova S’eastern) 1:51.71. Old record- Nicholas Korth, 1:54.45.

Women’s 3m Diving: Elizabeth Rawlings (Wayne State) 555.70. Old record- Kristin Day, 539.35.

Women’s 400 Free Relay: Queens (Patricia Castro Ortega, Lillian Gordy, Alexandra Marshall, Caroline Arakelian) 3:18.75. Old record- Drury, 3:19.75.


  1. Mike McCoulf

    1:51 in men’s 200 breaststroke that’s sick