Watch Claire Tuggle Down 11-12 200 & 500 Free NAG Record

Photo Courtesy: Cathleen Pruden

It’s been a fast weekend for Clovis Swim Club’s Claire Tuggle as she downed three NAG records in total at the 2017 NCSA Junior National Championships.

The 12-year-old downed the 200 free NAG record twice on day three, before breaking a 40-year-old NAG record in the 500 free the next day.

Watch Claire’s 200 free final (lane 8) – video courtesy of USA Swimming:

Tuggle is no stranger to NAG records, owning both the 200 (1:58.20) and 500 (5:13.74) SCY free, as well as the 400 LCM free (4:37.41) for the 10 & under age group.

Watch Claire’s 500 free (lane 7) – video courtesy of USA Swimming:


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    Congratulations to Ms. Tuggle on a great weekend, but please note there was no recognized NAG record in the 500 Free 40 years ago.

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      According to USA Swimming’s NAG Record book Cynthia Woodhead swam a 4:49.51 in 1977 to set the record 40 years ago.

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    Woodehead did it in a swim suit. My guess is these suits are worth at least five seconds in a 500.