[VIDEO INTERVIEW] Breeja Larson Talks Training With High School Swimmers, Puppies

Photo Courtesy: Florida Swim Network

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After the third day of action at the Arena Pro Swim Series in Austin Breeja Larson spoke with the media. The breaststroker discussed her experimentation with suits this weekend. After years with Arena she tried racing in a TYR suit tonight. The Olympian plans to give Speedo and A3 a shot at another meet next weekend.

The former Texas Aggie discussed how her transition to training with high schoolers is going. She shares who challenges her and what is special about the youthful environment.

In the interview Larson also shared a good bit about her puppy, named after Texas A&M coach Steve Bultman.

Watch the full interview here:


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Red Pill Fitness
6 years ago

i’d be more interested if she talked about blocking me on Instagram …