Rutemiller to Lead International Swimming Hall of Fame, Merge Swimming World Operations

Brent Rutemiller On Deck

November 3, 2017, Fort Lauderdale, FL, In a dramatic move to assist the world of aquatics in keeping our history alive, the International Swimming Hall of Fame (ISHOF) is merging its operations with Swimming World Magazine. The combination will provide the International Swimming Hall of Fame with a much needed outreach arm, that Swimming World can provide, to the athletes, coaches and volunteers around the world in aquatics.  Brent Rutemiller will become the Chief Executive Officer overseeing the merger, effective immediately.

Bill Kent, chairman of the ISHOF Board of Directors, made the announcement today in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

“ISHOF is entering into a new era with the retirement of Bruce Wigo and the merger with Swimming World.  With Brent Rutemiller as the new leader and with his generous gift of the Swimming World business to ISHOF, the combined organization will have a platform for sending the good message about the benefits of aquatic activities to the world at a new level,” said Kent.

Rutemiller, CEO of Sports Publications International and owner of Swimming World Magazine, will remain in Phoenix, Arizona.

“The driving force behind the merger is to combine the areas that ISHOF and Swimming World have in common. The merger is a synergy of strengths. Sports Publications International will remain a separate entity but will spin off its Swimming World Magazine division to become the marketing arm of ISHOF. The merger is a classic example of the whole being greater than its parts,” said Rutemiller.

Bruce Wigo, who served as CEO for the last 12 years, will remain a part of the organization as its Historian, replacing Bob Duenkel, who retired after serving ISHOF for over 40 years.

“ISHOF has been a big part of my life.  My work is not over as there are many stories still to be told about the history of aquatics.  I look forward to supporting Brent and being part of the new ISHOF team as its Historian.” – Bruce Wigo

ISHOF and Swimming World Areas of Synergy

  1. Swimming World Magazine (SWM) reports the news, and the International Swimming Hall of Fame (ISHOF) archives the news.
  2. Swimming World owns the copyrights to one of the largest reserves of aquatic images and content in the world. ISHOF is the repository for historical items.
  3. SWM reports and ISHOF honors swimming, water polo, synchro, diving, open water, masters and Paralympic athletes on a worldwide level.
  4. ISHOF honors athletes, coaches, etc. with multimedia elements.  SWM produces multimedia news segments and documentaries about athletes, coaches, etc.
  5. SWM covers major events around the United States and the globe. ISHOF honors athletes and coaches during major events around the globe.
  6. SWM exhibits at major clinics and conventions. ISHOF exhibits at major clinics and conventions.
  7. ISHOF has a wealth of historical information for marketing. SWM can be the marketing arm for ISHOF.
  8. ISHOF has members and SWM has subscribers. Subscribers will become members of ISHOF with additional benefits.
  9. SWM has an advertising sales force and over 1200 advertising relationships in the industry.  ISHOF reaches out to the same industry clients. These relationships will move from advertisers to sponsors, bringing more value to everyone.
  10. ISHOF and SWM have relationships with almost every aquatic national governing body in the world. The merger will combine those relationships under one roof.

ISHOF and Swimming World Common Goals

  1. Invest heavily in the next generation of internet connectivity, expanded content, and interactive museum exhibits
  2. Merge worldwide relationships and contacts
  3. Find new media partners
  4. Consolidate marketing efforts
  5. 24/7 marketing and exposure (
  6. ISHOF representation at national and international events
  7. Focus on social media connectivity toward younger generations
  8. Provide ISHOF with a growth plan while new ISHOF leases are being negotiated or new museum   facilities are being built
  9. Increase sponsorship values by combining benefits, circulation and membership numbers, and advertising opportunities
  10. Increase event opportunities such as the crowning of High School Swimmers of the Year, High School National Champions, Swimmers of the Year, and Master Swimmers of the Year

“I welcome Brent to the ISHOF family.  It is a perfect fit.  We look forward to his vision, dedication and leadership knowing that Swimming World will ensure the future success of one of aquatics most valuable treasures – The International Swimming Hall of Fame.” – Donna Deverona, Past President of ISHOF, Olympic gold medalist, former world record-holder, and television sportscaster

“The history and future of swimming is enshrined at ISHOF, and Brent’s proven leadership will ensure its continued impact for all who love water sports globally ….and with Bruce Wigo’s enduring legacy assured.” – Dennis Carey, English Channel ‘80, ISHOF Board member

“I have been at every level of this community for over forty-five years and I have never been more excited about the impact that this will have on aquatics world-wide.  We will merge these institutions in a way that will benefit everyone in the swimming community.  I see many positive outcomes from this merger,” concluded Rutemiller.


  1. Rick Hill

    Great news, way to go, just awesome!!!

  2. avatar
    Thomas K. Wojslawowicz

    Congrats to Brent and to ISHOF, a perfect mix. One that could only benefit the great sport of Swimming.
    Tom Wojslawowicz
    NISCA Treasurer

  3. Kevin Bright

    Congratulations Brent Rutemiller! Well deserved and glad to hear that the International Swimming Hall of Fame will be under your leadership and direction!

  4. avatar
    Colleen Parr Winans

    Great news! Congratulations Brent. I look forward to seeing the ISHOF museum in all of its glory soon!

  5. avatar
    Peter Hugo

    Brent, this is amazing. This news made my day. ISHOF made a great decision! The future of the Hall of Fame is in good hands, best of luck.

  6. avatar

    Vision has never been in short supply for you, Brent.


    Does this impact the Florida – California move in any way??

    • avatar
      Brent Rutemiller

      Both options are very interesting

  7. avatar

    Brent and Hall Board and Members. . Such positive news for all of us Aquatic lovers World Wide….Past.. present and future Hall of Famers! What a savy smart move for the Hall and Swim World to pull this off! Canada’s “Mighty Mouse” Elaine Tanner.

  8. avatar
    Penny Taylor (ne:Carol Pence)

    As a very old Olympian, 1948, I am happy to see the merger of Swimming World and ISHOF under the leadership of Brent. There is so little today’s athletes know or are aware of what happened in the past to make their sport what it is today-so many pioneers and innovations. All that history must be kept alive.

    • avatar
      Paul Eaton

      Yes Penny…we must peek back to see the future!

  9. avatar

    This is terrific news. A great living example of Brandscaping – “Brandscaping is a colossal, invigorating idea from one of the brightest minds in media and marketing today. It’s symbiotic marketing that can fund start-ups, aid non-profits, even change entire industries. It begins with one very simple observation – a rising tide lifts all ships.” Content Marketing Institute

    • avatar
      Brent Rutemiller

      Perfect summation!

  10. avatar

    Congratulations Brend. You are a man of honor and a tireless worker. I am sure that after the celebration of your historic appointment you will submerge into an ocean of creativity! Welcome to our Hall of Fame family. Hope to meet you soon and work together when you need help!

    • avatar
      Brent Rutemiller

      Thanks and looking forward to rolling up the sleeves

  11. avatar

    Such good news and a terrific marketing synergy! Speaking on behalf of many in the water polo community, we wish SWM/Brent the very best of luck as you blend old-with-new in the world of aquatics.

  12. avatar
    Sam Kendricks

    Very exciting news and I love the creative and innovative approach! Full speed ahead! Congrats Brent!

  13. John Razi

    Excellent !!!! Strong-move ! Broadens, integrates..builds !!!

  14. avatar
    Scott Stier

    Will the ISHOF be staying in Ft. Lauderdale?

  15. avatar

    Congratulation Brent… if in anything I can help please don’t hesitated to let me know.
    Thank you Bruce for all your years of hard work, enjoy your retirement.

  16. avatar
    Ada Kok

    Hello and Good Bye ….
    Hello Brent .. wow .. so good to read such great news !!!! Marvelous move … a lot of success !!
    Good Bye Bruce… thank you so much for the all work you have done for the ISHOF. It has been great to know you !!
    Ada Kok
    Proud member of the ISHOF

  17. avatar

    Glad to see this. Was sad last winter when my son was the only swimmer from his college team training in Ft. Lauderdale to go to ISHOF. No one else was interested. Somehow need to draw in those teams that are in the area.

  18. avatar
    Ted Haartz

    Bruce, thank you. You saved the day after your predecessor’s fall from grace. You tuned around the ISHOF to the benefit of the world of swimming. Best wishes for whatever you chose to do next. It was my great honor to have known in your Hall roll as CEO.

    Brent, the future is bound to provide curve balls you never expected but the outreach and communication skills you bring to the Hall are not measurable. Best wishes in this new episode in your life.

    Ted Haartz

  19. avatar
    Ted Haartz

    Bruce, thank you. You saved the day after your predecessor’s fall from grace. You tuned around the ISHOF to the benefit of the world of swimming. Best wishes for whatever you chose to do next. It was my great honor to have known in your Hall roll as CEO.

    Brent, the future is bound to provide curve balls you never expected but the outreach and communication skills you bring to the Hall are not measurable. Best wishes in this new episode in your life.

  20. avatar
    Paula Banahan

    Brent, the light for so many swimmers and families, now truly becomes the torch for all who will benefit from your many years of extraordinary experience and grace. Thank you for who you are and all you will become to so many lives in the near future and beyond. You’re the best person for this fabulous integration! Good luck and Congratulations!