Poll of the Week: How Many Swimming Medals Will Canada Win at the 2012 Olympics?

PHOENIX, Arizona, April 27. THE Canadian Olympic team is here in Phoenix training in their preparation for London, and we want to know how many swimming medals you think Canada will win at the 2012 Olympics.

Will it be zero, one, two or three or more? Go to our poll page to place your vote, and in next week's show, we'll bring you those results.

Results of previous poll
Marcus Titus recently brought to light that USA Swimming initially was not going to be using hand signals at the start for deaf swimmers at the Olympic Trials, a decision they reversed a few days later. Ever since then, we've been having a lot of discussion on our website, swimmingworld.com, about it, and in our poll question — Do deaf swimmers have a disadvantage with the current start rules using hand signals and a strobe?

Yes 53.33 percent

No 46.67 percent