Martha McCabe and Tera van Beilen Talk About Annamay Peirse’s Influence on Canadian Breaststroke in Exclusive SwimmingWorld.TV Video; Part of SwimmingWorld.TV Coverage of Canadian Olympic Team Training Camp

PHOENIX, Arizona, April 27. MARTHA McCabe and Tera van Beilen will be representing Canada in the 200 breaststroke at the Olympics, and in this exclusive video from their training camp in Phoenix, they talk about how training partner and world record holder Annamay Peirse blazed a trail for them to become two of the world’s best.

In this video, McCabe and van Beilen talk about their different approaches to the Olympic Trials, and van Beilen speaks on making her first senior national team. The two train under legendary coach Joszef Nagy, and they agree that while he is a tough-as-nails coach, he is well-respected for the results he gets from his swimmers.

This video is just one of the many interviews we are conducting at the Canadian Olympic Team’s training camp. You can see more by visiting our landing page. Check back often, as more videos will be added soon!