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It May Be Lights Out On Tokyo 2020 But Flame Now Burning For 2021

Australia’s Olympic family has reacted collectively and positively in the face of enormous adversity to the news that Tokyo 2020 will now become Tokyo 2021 with the Australian Team hash tag remaining #TokyoTogether. Athletes with their dreams on hold, households struggling and thousands of people ou...

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If Tokyo A No Go Cate Campbell Makes Call To Swim On Till 2024

With the world shutting down and pressure mounting hourly to make a call on the troubled Tokyo Olympics, Australian swimming’s golden girl and triple Olympian Cate Campbell is already thinking about extending her career until the 2024 Paris Games. It comes amid fears that the Tokyo Olympics could be...

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Takeoff to Tokyo: Night Australia Strummed Up Epic Relay Performance

Takeoff to Tokyo More than 17,000 passionate Australian fans stood and yelled, anticipating a moment their country had long envisioned. The Sydney Aquatic Center was the focal point of the 2000 Olympic Games, and as the first night of competition came to an end, those who filled the stands in this s...

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Siobhan Haughey Focused on Tokyo After Rise to World's Elite

Siobhan Haughey is in a unique position as a swimmer during this week of chaos that the coronavirus has wreaked on the world. While many of her friends and training partners had their NCAA Championships taken away, Haughey graduated last year. While others are training for an Olympic trials, Haughey...