Cal Women Defeat San Jose State Women at Home

Photo Courtesy: Peter H. Bick

The Cal women defeated the San Jose State women 185-97 yesterday at home with some members of the Cal team capturing wins in more than one event.

California Press Release:

On a beautiful fall day in Berkeley, the Cal women’s swimming & diving team used a combination of experience and fresh faces to defeat San Jose State 185-97 at Spieker Aquatics Complex.

Senior-co captain Kelly Naze won the 200 butterfly and 200 backstroke while freshmen Amy Bilquist and Kathleen Baker also captured two events each as Cal won the dual meet handily against its opponent from the South Bay.

“We have really good leadership, from our captains in particular,” Cal coach Teri McKeever said. “And then seeing the freshmen blossom into what college swimming is all about, and seeing great racing in some of their secondary events – that’s the other thing that was really impressive.”

Naze captured the 200 butterfly in a time of 1:58.64 and the 200 backstroke with a mark of 2:00.70 while Baker took the 100 backstroke by clocking 53.92 and the 500 freestyle in 4:50.29. Bilquist was victorious in the 100 free (49.97) and 200 free (1:48.64). The freshman from Carmel, Ind. has already won seven individual events in three dual meets this fall.

Several Cal swimmers competed in secondary events.

“I just have a strong belief in swimming some of the events that you’re not as comfortable with,” McKeever said. “It puts you in that place where you can really learn. You have to elevate your awareness and your intention, and I think that typically you can learn some things you can bring to your primary events.”

The Bears won every event except the 3-meter diving, including four events in which they took the top three spots.

Cal will return to the pool Nov. 12-14 for the Minnesota Arena Pro Swim Series in Minneapolis.

San Jose State Press Release: 

In the first diving competition of the season for the Spartans, Cari Reiswig posted a NCAA Championship qualifying mark in the 3-meter dive as San Jose State was outscored by the California Bears, 185-97.

Reiswig finished first in the 3-meter dive with a score of 289.95, surpassing the qualifying marking of 280 points. In the 1-meter dive, she placed second behind California’s Anne Kastle with a score of 259.95.

“Our divers had a great performance in their first competition. The highlight from diving was Reiswig qualifying for the post season,” said San Jose State head coach Sage Hopkins.

Also placing for the Spartans in diving was Kylie Fonseca, finished third in the 3-meter and fifth in the 1-meter.

The Spartans totaled 10 second place and seven third place finishes in the swimming events. “Overall, I’m very happy with the results from our swimmers,” Hopkins said.

Going head-to-head with the Bears’ Kathleen Baker in the 100 backstroke, the Spartans’ Colleen Humel finished second behind Baker with a time of 56.97. Baker is a member of the USA National Team. Humel’s mark was only 3.05 seconds off Baker’s time.

“Humel had a strong day, she nearly beat Baker,” Hopkins said. “Getting in and racing close is a great testament to how hard she has been working.”

Humel also placed second in the 200 backstroke and third in the 200 individual medley.

San Jose State record holder Riley Spitser finished second in both the 500 and 1000 freestyle races, posting times of 5:04.62 and 10:14.92.

“Spitser swam a very strong 1000 freestyle, one of her faster outings. It great to see that this early in the season,” Hopkins said.

Taylor Lehr, a sophomore transfer from the University of Tennessee, placed third in the 500 freestyle and swam the first leg of the Spartans’ second place finish in the 200 freestyle relay. Joining Lehr on the relay team were Brenna Bushey, Taylor Solorio and Angel Van Hofwegen.

“Lehr also did a tremendous job, we’re really excited with how well she is doing,” Hopkins said.

The Spartan diving team returns to action at the Trojans Diving Invitational on November 13, 14 and 15 while the swimming team is back in the water at the A3 Performance Invitational on November 19, 20 and 21.

by Brian S. Stanley, SJSU athletics media relations student assistant

Dual Results: California 185, San Jose State 97

200 Medley Relay — 1, California C, 1:41.85. 2, California A, 1:42.65. 3, California B, 1:43.65. San Jose State Finishers — 4, San Jose State A (Colleen Humel, Taylor Solorio, Brenna Bushey, Brynne Beneke), 1:45.44. 5, San Jose State B (Taylor Lehr, Amanda Buxbaum, Marley Maluafiti, Gabby Turnbull), 1:49.13. 7, San Jose State C (Lisa Ellis, Alli Davis, Alyssa Cable, Angel Van Hofwegen), 1:51.90.

1000 Freestyle — 1, Katie McLaughlin, California, 10:02.26. 2, Riley Spitser, San Jose State, 10:14.94. 3, Jennifer Campbell, California, 10:21.23. Other San Jose State Finishers — 5, Allyson Fellows, 10:42.17.

200 Freestyle — 1, Amy Bilquist, California, 1:48.64. 2, Rachel Bootsma, California, 1:49.90. 3, Catherine Ladd, California, 1:53.53. San Jose State Finishers — 5, Tylor Lehr, 1:54.34. 6, Alli Davis, 1:55.52. 7, Kendal Guy, 2:00.67. 8, Brittany Heng, 2:00.73.

100 Backstroke — 1, Kathleen Baker, California, 53.92. 2, Colleen Humel, San Jose State, 56.97. 3. Kristen Vredeveld, California, 57.23. Other San Jose State Finishers — 5, Lisa Ellis, 1:00.08.

100 Breaststroke — 1, Marina Garcia, California, 1:03.24. 2, Taylor Solorio, San Jose State, 1:05.82. 3, Amanda Buxbaum, San Jose State, 1:06.93.

200 Butterfly — 1, Kelly Naze, California, 1:58.64. 2, Celina Li, California, 2:00.14. 3, Elizabeth Pelton, California, 2:06.61. San Jose State Finisher — 4, Marley Maluafiti, 2:07.34.

50 Freestyle — 1, Farida Osman, California, 22.92. 2, Noemie Thomas, California, 23.52. 3, Rachael Acker, California, 23.95. San Jose State Finishers — 5, Brynne Beneke, 24.63. 6, Brenna Bushey, 24.68. 7, Gabby Turnbull, 24.81. 8, Angel Van Hofwegen, 24.96. Exhibition — Kimberlee Giggey, 24.89.

1-meter Diving — 1, Anne Kastler, California, 269.40. 2, Cari Reiswig, San Jose State, 259.95. 3, Hayden Tavoda, California, 242.70. Other San Jose State Finishers — 5, Kylie Fonseca, 233.63.

100 Freestyle — 1, Amy Bilquist, California, 49.97. 2, Taylor Solorio, San Jose State, 52.45. 3, Brynne Beneke, San Jose State, 53.41. Other San Jose State Finishers — 4, Gabby Turnbull, 54.60. 5, Alli Davis, 54.64. Exhibition — Kimberlee Giggey, 55.20. Brittany Heng, 55.50.

200 Backstroke — 1, Kelly Naze, California, 2:00.70. 2, Colleen Humel, San Jose State, 2:03.83. 3, Lisa Ellis, San Jose State, 2:11.30.

200 Breaststroke — 1, Maija Roses, California, 2:20.49. 2, Amanda Buxbaum, San Jose State, 2:24.41.

500 Freestyle — 1, Kathleen Baker, California, 4:50.29. 2, Riley Spitser, San Jose State, 5:04.62. 3, Taylor Lehr, San Jose State, 5:12.07. Other San Jose State Finisher — 4, Allyson Fellows, 5:17.66. 5, Kendal Guy, 5:27.62.

100 Butterfly — 1, Noemie Thomas, California, 52.66. 2, Brenna Bushey, San Jose State, 57.16. 3, Angel Van Hofwegen, San Jose State, 58.44. Other San Jose State Finishers — 4, Alyssa Cable, 58.47. 5, Marley Maluafiti, 58.74.

3-meter Diving — 1, Cari Reiswig, San Jose State, 289.95. 2, Sara-Lina Boushakra, California, 276.83. 3, Kylie Fonseca, San Jose State, 240.23.

200 Individual Medley — 1, Elizabeth Pelton, California, 2:00.46. 2, Alli Davis, San Jose State, 2:12.04. 3, Colleen Humel, San Jose State, 2:12.14. Other San Jose State Finishers — 4, Amanda Buxbaum, 2:13.66.

200 Freestyle Relay — 1, California A, 1:33.60. 2, San Jose State B (Taylor Lehr, Brenna Bushey, Taylor Solorio, Angel Van Hofwegen), 1:36.84. 3, San Jose State A (Gabby Turnbull, Marley Maluafiti, Riley Spitser, Brynne Beneke), 1:37.52. Other San Jose State Finisher — 4, San Jose State C (Lisa Ellis, Alyssa Cable, Kendal Guy, Brittany Heng) 1:41.39.