28th Annual Flowers Sea Swim Tentatively Postponed Until October

Photo Courtesy: Jack Gruber-USA TODAY Sports

The 28th annual one mile Flowers Sea Swim in the Cayman Islands, which was originally scheduled for June 13, has been pushed back to October 1 – 5, 2020. The organization sent out a letter to members regarding the tentative dates. The shift to October is in hopes that it will be safe by then to conduct the event, assuming that the coronavirus is contained by then.

The Flowers 3K & 10K races will also be held during this tentative October date.

Full Statement via the Flowers Sea Swim:

To all our swim fans, both on the island and overseas who are grappling with the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak – our hearts and prayers go out to you and your families. We hope that everyone is making safe and smart decisions regarding both theirs and their family’s well-being by following the prescribed guidelines from the WHO – https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/advice-for-public.

Regarding this year’s events, we were very hopeful that the general level of safety and security would improve in our part of the world and allow us to proceed as scheduled. However, with the outlook at is it, we are regretfully postponing the 28th Annual Flowers One Mile Swim, The Flowers Int’l 3k & 10k races and all other ancillary events until October 1st – 5th. This is a tentative date range, which will remain flexible until the Government deems it safe to travel and have the events take place.

At this time, we would like to thank our many sponsors and local partners, all of whom have been very supportive of the event and our islands. We will continue to work with each of them to ensure that we have all the necessary facilities, such as reasonable accommodations, holiday packages, etc in place when we inevitably return to a reasonable level of normalcy.