7 Thank Yous From Swimmers to Their Moms (Parents) on Mother’s Day

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Photo Courtesy: Dan D'Addona

Swim Moms

By SuSu Almousa, Swimming World College Intern

As every swimmer mounts the blocks, they play in their mind a visual of their race and how they want to perform. Little do they know, in the stands a few hundred feet away someone has their hands clasped at their heart doing the exact same thing.

A parent’s role in the journey of a competitive swimmer is constantly overlooked, as they too take a vow of dedication to the sport through their emotional and physical involvement. In a way, it seems like parents expend more into the sport than us—from driving us to practice every day when we were still 8-and-unders, amping up their commitment to two-a-day practices by the time we turn 11, and let’s not forget the 12-hour meets they sat through with a smile on their face and encouraging words ready to be delivered.

I have crafted the top thank yous I would give my mom (and let’s not forget about dad) for shaping me into the swimmer and person I am today, because we swimmers would not be where we are today without them.

1. Thanks for investing your hard-earned money into me and my sport.


Photo Courtesy: Pixabay

Swimming isn’t cheap. Aside from team expenses, we have suit expenses, nutrition expenses, meet expenses, travel expenses from expensive meets. Our parents invest in our passion. Lots of people would think they were crazy for some of the costs, but they were able to see that it was what we loved to do, and for them it is worth all the money in the world.

2. Your emotional support is worth more than any money spent.


Photo Courtesy: Swimming World Magazine

After a bad meet, or a disappointing time you can always rely on your parents to pick you up and help you stand tall. Unlike us, our parents never had doubts. We are superheroes to them and because of that, their support comes unwaveringly.

3. Thank you for pretending to be my coach.


Photo Courtesy: Tour The Triad//Flickr

Even though as swimmers we hate it when parents try to play coach, sometimes it takes hearing it twice for it to really sink in. Coaches also hate it when parents pretend to play coach, but overall no one will ever know our bodies and our potentials quite like the people who raised us.

4. At the same time, thank you for not playing coach.

Swim Parent at CeraVe invitational

Photo Courtesy: Heidi Torregroza

In our lives, it usually seems like parents get it completely right or completely wrong. But when they do get it right, the benefits are endless. Thank you, Mom and Dad, for not hounding me, criticizing me, and being my coach. Rather, thank you for listening to me complain about my coaches and give me the emotional support I need to keep going.

5. Thank you for being the loudest cheerleader in the stands.

Photo Courtesy: Hayley Good

Photo Courtesy: Hayley Good

Swim parents top soccer moms every day of the week. No one can outdo their whistles, chants, and cheers as they holler at us in the pool. Even when we can’t hear anything from in the water, we know when your parents ask if you could hear them cheering you automatically say ‘yes’ for fear that they’ll shout even louder next time.

6. Thank you for not allowing me to give up.

Olympic Trials-finals-6apr2016. Photo Scott Grant

Photo Courtesy: Scott Grant/Swimming Canada

Our parents believe in us, even when we don’t—in any aspect of life. Our parents have supported us through school, the sport, the breakup, and all-in-all life. We can’t count on how many times we’ve thought of just giving up, but our parents have always been there to stop us and to remind us of all the greatness which we can achieve.

7. Thank you for loving me.

Madison Scaff hugs her father, Lt. Shannon Scaff, after he finished his goal of swimming 24 hours in a pool to memorialize the fallen aircrew of Coast Guard helicopter 6535 in Charleston, S.C., Feb. 28, 2015. Scaff trained for over a year to help prepare him for this test of endurance and will. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 1st Class Stephen Lehmann.

Photo Courtesy: Public Domain

No words, hugs, or thank yous can express our gratitude for all you have given us. And we realize your job as a swim parent reigns as more demanding than all other parents. We swimmers aren’t an easy breed, but we thank you for your love and devotion.

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