Gabriele Detti Marks His Meet Season Sunrise With 3:40 Over 400m Free

Gabriele Detti; Photo Courtesy: Peter H. Bick
Gabriele Detti, the Olympic double bronze medallist for Italy at the Rio 2016 Games, just punched a ticket to the European Short-Course Championships in Glasgow next month with a 3:40.47 victory over 400m freestyle at the 43rd Mussi Lombardi Femiano Trophy in Massarosa, Lucca.
Detti emerged from his opening race test of the season to say:
“I’m here in Massarosa to test my form with a view to making a commitment to the Europeans. We hope to do well with the national team.”
If Detti’s effort places him 8th in world so far this season, Marco De Tullio fell a couple of slots shy of the top 10 on 3:41.38 after chasing Detti over the closing 100m.
The race made them second and third best Italians on the clock so far this season, after a 3:39.64 at the Nico Sapio meet last week from Matteo Ciampi. European events allow four entries per nation (two only in finals), each nation responsible for its own selection criteria.
An interesting winter ahead for Detti on the way to Tokyo 2020: come the dawn of the Chinese Year of the Rat next January 25, the Olympic 400m and 1500m podium placer’s pantheon could be a silver up and a bronze down.
Detti finish third to Sun Yang over 400m freestyle at the World Championships back in July. Should the Court of Arbitration for Sport agree to a WADA demand to impose a penalty of between 2 and 8 years on the Chinese swimmer, then Sun will forfeit World titles claimed over 200m and 400m freestyle in Gwangju back in July.
It would then remain to be seen if FINA will organise the kind of “Take the Podium” reallocation-of-medals ceremonies that the International Olympic Committee has started to promote. If so, then Aussie Mack Horton may yet be named World champion if CAS judgement goes against his nemesis. The 200m crown would go to Japan’s Katsuhiro Matsumoto. A decision on Sun is expected in January next year, though no date has been set after a hearing was help in Montreux yesterday.
Back to Massarosa and the women’s 400m free went to Rita Caramignoli in 4:02.75. In 50 and 100m finals there were a brace of triumphs to Lorenzo Zazzeri, Alessandro Pinzuti, Silvia di Pietro and Matteo Milli.

Silvia Di Pietro; Photo Courtesy: Azaria Basile

The other winners:

Dash events:

  • Freestyle: Lorenzo Zazzeri 21.53; Erika Ferraioli 24.73
  • Breaststroke: Alessandro Pinzuti 26.98; Natalia Foffi 30.92
  • Butterfly: Silvia di Pietro 25.82; Matteo Rivolta 23.27
  • Backstroke: Matteo Milli  23.65; Constanza Cocconcelli 27.24

100m events:

  • Freestyle: Silvia di Pietro 53.59; Lorenzo Zazzeri 48.08
  • Backstroke: Martina Cenci 1:00.06; Matteo Milli 51.64
  • Breaststroke: Ilaria Scarcella  1:07.01; Alessandro Pinzuti 59.32
  • Butterfly: Angela D’Afiero 59.47; Matteo Rivolta 51.11

200m events

  • Freestyle: Margherita Panziera 1:57.15; Mattia Zuin 1:44.25
  • Medley: Lorenzo Glessi 1:55.92; Sara Franceschi 2:10.37