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Fitter and Faster Swim Camps and Academies are offered year-round and all over America. This summer alone Fitter and Faster is offering dozens of multi-day Swim Camps and “Technique Academies” throughout the entire United States. In 2018, more than 12,000 competitive swimmers attended in excess of 400 Fitter and Faster sessions, in 40 States. In 2019 we aim to be in every state in America!

FFT’s instructors are elite level swimmers who have become professional clinicians and coaches. Several Olympic coaches are also on our staff. We take into consideration the age, skill level and other factors of participants to create the most appropriate curriculum for each swim camp.

The key for participants to improve and retain information is to cover a narrow set of topics at each camp session.

Most of Fitter and Faster’s swim camps are designed for competitive swimmers between the ages of 10 and 17 with two or more years of organized competitive experience. FFT camps are attended by swimmers who swim in the first few heats of local competitions all the way up to Junior National champions, age group record holders and swimmers who have gone on to swim at the NCAA Division 1 level and Olympic Trials.

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