Boise State University to Cut Swimming and Diving

Photo Courtesy: Boise State Athletic Department

Boise State University will be eliminating baseball and its swimming and diving programs due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a release sent out by Boise State.

The decision will save the university an estimated $3 million.

“This is one of the hardest decisions athletic departments have to make, but it comes at a time when we are facing the most serious financial challenge we have ever seen,” said Curt Apsey, Boise State athletic director. “Times like these are difficult for many people and we appreciate everyone who has supported these programs over the years, including our coaches, current and former student-athletes, donors and fans. We take all these measures seriously, knowing that the long-term stability of our department must remain a high priority.”

Boise State University’s swim team was a women’s only program, finishing seventh at the 2020 Mountain West Conference Championships under head coach Christine Mabile. The Broncos’ last swimmer to qualify for the NCAA Championships was Abby Sorenson in 2019.

According to Boise State’s release, all student-athlete scholarships for the affected programs will be honored, including incoming 2020 signees, and support will be provided to student-athletes wishing to transfer. Those athletes who opt to transfer will be eligible immediately at their next institution, per NCAA rules.

“Today’s decision came after an extensive review and in-depth analysis of the athletics department’s budgets and programs by several senior leaders,” President Dr. Marlene Tromp said. “The university had already been working closely with athletics to create a sustainable budget. The pandemic has made a challenging financial situation unsustainable. Ultimately, the reduction of the number of sports in which we compete allows Boise State a better chance of remaining competitive at the highest level and provides a more realistic roadmap to a sustainable future for the University and athletic department.”

Boise State is the third Division I school to cut swimming and diving this off-season after East Carolina and Connecticut.


  1. Andy Gallion

    I bet their overall athletic department GPA takes a huge cut as well when the women’s swim team is gone. Sad, but this is only the beginning. The real bloodbath is just about to begin, and if there is no football and huge TV contract money this Fall, there will be no more varsity sports and conferences.

    • Angie VanZee Taylor

      That is who I immediately thought of too. She graduated though, right?

    • Mandy Barnes

      Sarah Ball Dawson I know. Very upsetting. No warning

    • Mandy Barnes

      Angie VanZee Taylor yes I have but I live next to the campus and live with a current teammate.

    • Angie VanZee Taylor

      Mandy Barnes big hugs to you and all your fellow Boise State swimmers. I can only imagine how devastating this is. Sadly, I fear that there will be many more to come.

  2. David Moreno

    Swimming will probably be the only sport allowed to play next to golf and tennis.

  3. avatar
    Dennis Tesch

    It always seems that is about staying competitive, not about opportunity and education.

  4. Geffrey Ambrose

    just think of the trickle down problem here. All those swim clubs that are barely hanging on, have swimmers who want to participate in a college sport are now going to leave their programs. It is not just going to hurt college athletes but the local businesses that run and supply club swimming as well

  5. Bob Solow

    Bet the game with A&M costs them more than what they spent on the other two sports. Also, how many FB players never play in a game. High paid ball retrievers and blocking dummies. If colleges gave up Football and let the NFL fund it…Colleges would have Trillions to educate students!

  6. Dave Hoover

    Swimming programs are dropping like flies…

  7. avatar

    This is actually devastating. As stated earlier, the trickle down effect will play a huge part on all western collegiate swim teams. I bet there will be even more smaller universities cutting swim programs. This hurts small clubs and those swimmers who aren’t quite fast enough to swim for a top 20 swim team. If they keep eliminating teams, we could see a huge drop of high school swimmers (they may now realize their chance to swim for a college is dead with all the program cutting). There are so many other sports at Boise that don’t bring in as many conference championships. This is just absolutely heartbreaking for all swim fans.

  8. David Zimmerman

    I think Washington State and Idaho are the only D1 women’s swim programs left in the northwest. (No D1 for men.) It’s sad to see it dwindle away.

    • David Zimmerman

      Karin Knudson O’Connell Thanks, forgot about them. They are the only school I know of that added swimming since my day (a long time ago ?).

  9. It’s hard to comprehend why swimming and diving is on the hit list for so many universities.

    • Judy Sandlin

      Gay Shemorry Williamson because there is no ball involved and most swim meets are free admission

    • Judy Sandlin

      Gay Shemorry Williamson oh yes I know this because both of my daughters competed in college swimming

    • Steven Greseth

      Gay Shemorry Williamson we need to get swimmers in more leadership positions and invite school presidents into the fold of swim and dive. It’s on us to make it happen.

  10. Heather York DiFulvio

    I know someone from class of 20 going on a swim scholarship, because they worked around their nursing program, whereas most colleges don’t do that for swimmers. That’s sad.

  11. Rainee Teneyck

    I would rather see them drop the football programs. This is so messed up!!!

  12. Michele Snyder-Willis

    It is so sad for all these athletes who now won’t have a program to return to.. I have seen so many of these type posts over the last few weeks