‘Unsinkable’: An Inspirational and Triumphant Must-Read for Swimmers

Photo Courtesy: Niall Meehan Sea Studio

When Alan Corcoran learned of his father’s death, he was devastated.

Cancer had taken one of the most important people in his life and the adventure athlete wanted to do something meaningful to honor his father.

Cororan decided to attempt to swim the length of Ireland, a 500K swim, to raise money for cancer research to honor his father, Milo Corcoran, the former president of the Football Association of Ireland.

“Unsinkable” is the story of the swim from the death of his father to the training, to the what turned out to be 710K swim in the Atlantic Ocean.

In 2017, Corcoran attempted the swim, which failed because the support boat sank after 210K. In 2019, he was able to swim the full 500K from the Giant’s Causeway in Antrim to Tramore in Waterford ma

David Murphy_DSC_5692

Alan Corcoran. Photo Courtesy: David Murphy

king the total journey 710K.

The story obviously is inspiring in itself, but what makes the book so special is the writing style. It is written as a memoir and has a perfect balance of detail and feeling, without the writing going over the top.

That makes the story even more captivating and difficult to put down.

The whole journey is here, from start to finish, and each part brings a new level to the story as it builds to the conclusion and the triumphant swim.

This is a must read for not only swimming fans, but anyone who needs an inspirational, and entertaining, story about family and triumph.

Many others have written praise for this inspiring work.

“Hilarious, inspiring, and utterly madcap,” said Anna Deacon and Vicky Allan, authors of “The Art of Wild Swimming series and Taking the Plunge.”

The Belfast Telegraph wrote it was “Well-written, passionate, and moving.”

The story has also been told in movie form as “Unsinkable” earned five awards and was shown around the world at film festivals.

Order the book here.

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