New ebook Covers Swimmers’ Shoulder Injuries by Stroke With Strategies To Correct and Rehabilitate

Dr. Rod Havriluk, a sports scientist and consultant who specializes in swimming technique instruction and analysis, shares the fundamentals of understanding swimmers’ shoulder injuries in Swimming Without Pain. He breaks down shoulder stressing elements of each stroke, along with how to correct harmful technique.

“Many swimmers suffer significant pain, miss training time, and even retire from swimming because of shoulder injuries. This statement is supported by more than forty-years of documentation on the prevalence of shoulder injuries. Fortunately, we now also have substantial information, especially about technique, that can prevent injury by minimizing shoulder stress during swimming. This book explains technique adjustments that can reduce both the number and severity of injuries and presents related training concepts. Swimmers and coaches will be pleased to note that all the technique adjustments that relieve shoulder stress also improve performance.” – Rod Havriluk, Ph.D., Swimming Without Pain, Chapter 1

The 110-page eBook has more than 200 images and consists of 7 chapters:

Chapter 1 – Introduction to the Shoulder in Swimming

Chapter 2 – Risk Factors for Shoulder Injury

Chapter 3 – Butterfly: Strategies to Identify and Correct Harmful Technique

Chapter 4 – Freestyle: Strategies to Identify and Correct Harmful Technique

Chapter 5 – Backstroke: Strategies to Identify and Correct Harmful Technique

Chapter 6 – Breaststroke: Strategies to Identify and Correct Harmful Technique

Chapter 7 – Practice Strategies to Prevent and Rehabilitate Shoulder Injuries

“An absolute must read for coaches, swimmers and parents of swimmers, sports medicine physicians, and sports rehabilitation therapists. Dr. Havriluk’s book is a major advancement in age group, competitive, championship and fitness swimming.” – Theodore J. Becker, PhD, RPT and former head trainer US Olympic Swim Team, former member United States Swimming Sports Medicine Society Executive Committee

Swimming Without Pain is available for download now on the Swimming Technology Research website.  The first of a two-course online training series based on the book (B201 – Introduction to the Shoulder in Swimming) is also now available on

About the author


Rod earned his Ph.D. in human performance from Indiana University. He also has an M.S. in exercise physiology from Florida State University. Rod taught biomechanics at Indiana University and was most recently an adjunct professor at both Florida State University and Thomas University.

He is a widely published author (including the Journal of Swimming Research, Swimming World, Swimming Technique, American Swimming magazine, Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, and Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise) and a frequent conference presenter (FINA, IOC, Biomechanics and Medicine in Swimming, US Swim School Association, USAS, USMS, ASCA, ISCA). Rod also serves on the advisory board of the Counsilman Center for the Science of Swimming at Indiana University and the review boards of several sport science journals.


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