Featured Camp: STR SpeedWeek Swim Camps


STR SpeedWeek Swim Camps: Using science to improve technique

Are you:

  • serious about improving your technique?
  • looking for a significant time drop?
  • hoping to reduce or eliminate shoulder pain?
  • interested in extending your swimming career to college?
  • ready to compete at the next level?

If you are, then an STR Speedweek is your best swim camp option for 2019!

About Swimming Technology Research (STR) Camps

At an STR SpeedWeek, swimmers undergo intensive technique analysis using the patented Aquanex system to capture synchronized underwater video and hand force data on all four strokes. This science-based analysis is unlike anything else in the world of swimming, giving swimmers the tools to fine-tune their technique and make drastic time drops.

SpeedWeek is not just another week of training – it is a week of optimizing technique, preventing shoulder injuries, and accelerating skill learning.  During camp, swimmers will do short swims where the emphasis on technique allows you to make needed changes – changes based on scientific data rather than opinion. Each swimmer receives individual feedback and is taught specific practice strategies, so he/she can continue to improve on return to normal training.   Each SpeedWeek is limited to 12 swimmers to ensure maximum individual attention.

Camp Details

STR SpeedWeeks accommodate all levels of competitive swimmers (recommended for swimmers ages 10 and up). Our analysis procedures and instructional strategies are backed by well-documented results and data collected over thousands of trials with swimmers of all ages and ability levels, from age group to elite performers. We teach ONLY scientifically-proven swimming technique elements. STR’s unique combination of instructional strategies and proven analysis technology gives immediate and accurate information for swimmers, coaches and parents –so swimmers can more easily understand a change and why it’s needed.

STR SpeedWeek analysis

Swimmers undergo intensive technique analysis; Photo Courtesy: STR SpeedWeek

STR SpeedWeek Swim Camp Dates

These camps sell out quickly, so don’t wait!

SpeedWeekend in Richmond, VA: April 13-14

SpeedWeek in Tallahassee, FL: July 29 – August 2

SpeedWeek in Miami, FL: December 27 – 31

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STR Swim Clinics Dates

Aquanex Analysis Clinic in Boca Raton, FL: April 20

Freestyle Instruction & Analysis Clinic in Boca Raton, FL: April 21

Aquanex Freestyle Analysis Clinic in Anapolis, MD: June 15, June 16

Aquanex Freestyle Analysis Clinic in Tallahassee, FL: July 28
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About Coach Dr. Rod Havriluk

All Speedweek camps and clinics are conducted by Dr. Rod Havriluk; a world-renowned biomechanist, consultant, and technique expert. He has been successfully helping swimmers swim faster for more than 30 years and is internationally recognized for his unique approach to accelerating skill-learning and preventing shoulder injury. He is a frequent conference presenter (ASCA, ASCTA, BMS, FINA, IOC, ISCA, USAS, USMS, USSSA) and has conducted camps all over the world.  Dr. Havriluk is an internationally-recognized expert on the biomechanics of swimming. He’s also a former coach, active researcher, patent holder, and swimmer. He is a frequent contributor to a number of swimming- and biomechanics-related publications and has been featured in books and on television.


Rod Havriluk, STR SpeedWeek

Coach Rod Havriluk; Photo Courtesy: STR SpeedWeek


Contact STR Speedweek Camp Staff

Phone: 850-385-9803