Featured Camp: Rising Tide Swim Camp

Alabama Rising Tide Swim Camp

The Rising Tide Swim Camp has everything athletes need to take their swimming to the next level including underwater video, stroke video analysis, mental preparation, team and character building, motivational speaking, race day preparation, training and conditioning and world class instruction to enhance stroke development.

Being able to perform in peak events is the key to being successful at all levels of swimming. While most camps are very large, we keep this camp at 50 or less to ensure that we can impact individual athletes and help each one develop tools and learning strategies that will make a difference on race day. By limiting the numbers in camp, it gives us more opportunities for one-on-one interaction and helps us ensure that each athlete understands the foundation drills that are essential to fast swimming.

Training the Brain For Optimal Performance
The bottom line is that athletes’ performance on race day will be determined by how effective they have been at helping their brain understand all facets of the performance. The strongest computer in the world is the human brain, and it is no different from the machine counterpart, it can be extremely ineffective if it’s programmed incorrectly. Athletes must recognize that they are essentially training the brain to manage their goals, then what they do in day-to-day training is critical to achieving those goals. This camp is all about teaching young athletes how the brain does this, how it takes information on board, and how to make sure that what they do correctly is imprinted in a way that helps them reproduce perfect skills without having to think about them. It will involve critical thinking and exploring new ways to achieve new skills. Learning how to swim and train this way is the next paradigm in swimming and is the future of all sport.

Rising Tide Swim Camp Dates:

• May 26 – May 31
• June 2 – June 7
• June 9 – June 14
• June 16 – June 21

Rising Tide Swim Camp Costs:

• Overnight camp $750
• Day Camp: $650

About Coach Jonty Skinner

Former world record holder and NCAA Champion Jonty Skinner is currently in his third stint as an Alabama swimming and diving coach. Swimmers he has coached have won 18 national titles and 20 Olympic medals. He spent six years as the head coach of the USA Resident National Team and eight years as the USA Swimming Director of Performance Science and Technology, coordinating all of the testing, tracking, and assessment of U.S. National Team members. In addition to his work with the USA national team, Skinner created an organization for neuroscience research and how it relates to elite level training and competition.

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