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Too Many Medals?

At age nine, Michael had plateaued in his swimming for a whole year. Frustrated, he and his dad went on the Internet and found Aadvanced Private Swim Camps and ordered their registration package. They also learned that their Olympic swimmers had won 43 Gold Medals and set 11 World Records.
Michael and his dad attended the Aadvanced Swim Camp together. The instructor had sent them directions for an underwater camera so Michael’s dad could stand on the deck and make crystal-clear underwater videos of Michael’s stroke. Before Michael saw his own video, he saw underwater videos of World Record holders, measured and analyzed frame-by-frame. He and his dad were able to understand everything. Then the instructor analyzed Michael’s video, showing him exactly where and by how much his stroke was inefficient compared to the World Record holders.

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With a series of drills and daily underwater videos, Michael was able to convert his inefficient stroke to that of a World Record holder. As a result, in 5 days his stroke count on 50 meters dropped from 52 single-arm pulls to just 20. Michael was also able to increase his shoulder and hip flexibility and chest expansion with Microfiber Reduction, a special form of connective tissue massage. Michael also enjoyed his POWERBELT hip rotation training aid, which was free with the camp.
Michael and his dad returned home with a 2500-yard drill set that Michael practiced three times a week while his dad recorded his underwater stroke so they could both analyze his stroke together. In this way, Michael was able to continue to improve his stroke each week. Michael and his dad really enjoyed spending time together working on his swimming.
A month after the camp, at age 10, Michael dropped his time in the 200 free from 2:19 to 2:09. Encouraged by his progress, he and his dad continued to work together three days a week. Five months later, at his state meet, Michael entered nine events and won 9 firsts and set three state records.

“Greatest advance in swim instruction in 2000 years. With my own eyes I have seen swimmers drop their stroke count by 50% with less kicking!  Somax underwater videotape analysis is incredibly accurate. I see things I have never noticed before and improvements that are impossible with standard coaching,” said coach Ivaylo Benov.

Available for 2019

Private camps for 1-2 members of the same family

Camp Details:

Our private five-day camps can be scheduled from April 15-October 15 at our pool facility near San Francisco.  Camp is open to swimmers ages 7 and up.  Camps are limited to 1-2 swimmers from same family for individual attention.  We do not have time requirements for our camps, but we do have flexibility requirements (see website for more details).

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