Faster Swimming For Strength Athletes – New Video Series from FINIS


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Join FINIS in their new video series “Faster Swimming for Strength Athletes” hosted by Colleen Fotsch – former NCAA Championship swimmer, and now Professional CrossFit™ Athlete. In the series, Colleen dives into the importance of swimming for strength athletes, and how she incorporates swimming into her training. Follow along as she tackles everything from introduction to swimming as well as helpful tips, workouts, and gear to become a more efficient swimmer. The 8-part series has already garnered much interest and positive feedback from beginners to more seasoned athletes.

Episode 1: Why We Swim

Episode 2: Getting Started

Episode 3:Workout Structure

Episode 4: Head Position

Episode 5: Proper Kicking

Episode 6: Pull Pattern

Episode 7: Efficient Breathing

Episode 8: Dryland Training

Watch full series here.



Colleen Fotsch – former NCAA Championship Swimmer, and now Professional CrossFit™ Athlete all smiles in the water, Photo Courtesy: FINIS


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