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A Look at Early U.S. Olympic Trials Development

In 2020, we’re missing out on one of the fastest and most exciting meets in the sport of swimming: The U.S. Olympic Trials.  The history of this meet reveals an interesting progression of events as they were included in the Olympics, and gives insight into the history of the sport of swimming.  Look...

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Swimming is One of the Greatest Constants in Life

The human mind can be pretty weird sometimes. As people, we go through waves of highs and lows in life, and our mind is in control of it.  Of course, certain events and situations will trigger it to get out of rhythm. However, our mind is in command of how we react to everything. So it doesn't reall...

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Ellie Cole Makes Budding Paralympian's Dreams Come True

Ellie Cole Makes Budding Paralympian's Dreams Come True By Brooke Irving “Dreams do come true” Emilee Pratt said after meeting her idol Ellie Cole, a surprise which brought the young swimmer to tears. After hearing a knock at the door of her Newcastle home, Emilee did not expect the six-time Paralym...

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5 Tips For Setting Meaningful and Achievable Goals

Pool closures as a result of the coronavirus pandemic have brought training to a halt all across the country. Without practice or upcoming meets, setting meaningful goals gives purpose to continue training in other areas during this uncertain time. It can be easy to look at this pandemic situation a...