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Swimming World Presents "Q&A with Coach Scott Armstrong"

Q&A with Coach Scott Armstrong Head Coach Men’s & Women’s Swimming Johns Hopkins University Baltimore, Maryland By Michael J. Stott After coaching Stanford distance and individual medley athletes to considerable NCAA success, Scott Armstrong has returned to his Johns Hopkins roots and is g...

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Swimming World Presents "Seton Swimming's Sample For Success"

Seton Swimming's Sample For Success By Michael J. Stott Nineteen years ago when Jim Koehr got involved with the Seton School (Manassas, Va.), basketball was the school’s most successful and popular sport. No longer. Since 1995, Conquistador swimmers have secured four boys’ and four girls’...

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Swimming World Presents "Simone Manuel: Making a Difference"

Simone Manuel: Making a Difference By David Rieder Through a constant drive for bettering herself, Simone Manuel has crafted a career for which she may eventually be remembered as the greatest American sprinter ever. But she has forever changed the sport, her impact reaching far beyond any meda...

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Swimming World Presents "The Top Five Open Water Highlights of 2019"

The Top Five Open Water Highlights of 2019 By Dan D'Addona The open water competition at the FINA Aquatics Championships commanded the sport’s spotlight for 2019. Nearly 100 swimmers from about 50 countries competed in the Yeosu Expo Ocean Park in Gwangju, South Korea. Nineteen medals were awar...

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Swimming World Presents "Dryside Training: Building Lean Muscle"

Dryside Training: Building Lean Muscle By J.R. Rosania As a Masters swimmer myself, I know when my body is leaner and carrying less body fat. I not only feel better, but I also feel faster. With the thousands of swimmers of all genders and ages—from age groupers to Olympians—a leaner, fitter, s...

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Swimming World Presents "Up & Comers: Swim Neptune's Keaton Jones"

Up & Comers: Swim Neptune's Keaton Jones By Shoshanna Rutemiller Swim Neptune’s Keaton Jones made headlines when he qualified for the 2020 U.S. Olympic Trials in the 200 backstroke as a 14-year-old. But the high school freshman is more than a phenomenal swimmer. The straight-A student sol...