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Top 10 Tips for College Swimming Recruiting

By Abigail Sheridan, Swimming World College Intern.  The college swimming recruiting process can be a complicated maze of websites, phone calls, emails, recruiting questionnaires, visits and so much more. It

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6 Team Bonding Ideas For College Swimmers

By McKenna Ehrmantraut, Swimming World College Intern. As the summer winds down and the school books come out, college swimmers are preparing for another eventful season full of grueling practices

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Victoria Duran: The Girl With a Dream

Commentary by Bailey Duran, Swimming World Intern.  Victoria Duran is an athlete who eats, sleeps, and breathes swimming. She trains nine times or more a week totaling over 20 hours.


15 Pump Up Songs Swimmers Love

Commentary By Kelsey Mitchell, Swimming World College Intern. When people hear the phrase “pump up song,” a few legendary songs immediately come to mind. Songs such as Survivor’s Eye of