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WorkoutWish you were sleeping
Ability Level:USS Sr./Jr. National Level
Type:Sprint Freestyle
Course:SC Yards
Duration:120 Minutes
AuthorPretty Fast kid from North
Submitted By:Pretty Fast kid from North
Email: gangstaunit@msn.com
Club:North St. Paul Gangstas
Club/Author Info: Look up info on another swimming workout about the North St. Paul Gangstas. The Key word is Bill (Ratio). It is in sprint freestyle

Set Category Set Description Set Intervals
Warm-up do 8*300s
1-4 are swimming
5-6 are kicking with a board
7-8 are drills from your coach
1-4 are on 4:20
5-6 are on 6:00
7-8 are on 6:30 with slow and good drills
Pre-Set 8*200 alternating freestyle and backstroke
6*150 alternating breaststroke and freestyle
4*100 alternating fly and freestyle
2*50 all out freestyle try and be within 1.5seconds of your best time
8*200 on 2:30 and the backstroke on 2:35
6*150 on 2:00 and breaststroke on 2:30
4*100 on 1:15 and the fly on 1:25
2*50 free all out on 2:00
Main Set 1*300 working hard as you can
2*200 leaving 10 seconds behind your teammate and catch up to them and the one who goes first will do push ups if they catchup to you.
4*100 try to negative split these
8*50 doing these all out
1*300 try to do it under 3:20
2*200 on 2:30
4*100 on 1:30 do the first 50 on 28 and try to beat that on your second one
8*50 are on 1:30 holding 26 seconds
Pull Set 1*1000 pull with Paddles 1000 on 12:00

Kick Set 8*100 with a board
4*50 with out a board working on rolling your hips
1*50 all out kick as fast as you can go
8*100 on 1:30
4*50 on 1:00
5min break
1*50 on what ever
Warm-Down 200 at least

Total = 7200 SC Yards

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