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WorkoutBills (Ratio) workout, it's muy bien
Ability Level:USS Sr./Jr. National Level
Type:Sprint Freestyle
Course:SC Yards
Duration:120 Minutes
AuthorBill (Ratio)
Submitted By:Bill (Ratio)
Email: tnt123456789@juno.com
Club:North St. Paul Gangstas
Club/Author Info: Bill (Ratio)has been known to swim. He made a workout. You should
try his work out. He knows a fast kid who wishes to remain untalked about his name. But he has 5 school records. Bill (Ratio) has one school record for a relay he swam with the pretty fast kid. Bill (Ratio)and pretty fast kid will swim. You should swim.

Set Category Set Description Set Intervals
Warm-up Swim until you feel warmed. about 15 minutes or something of that nature.
Pre-Set 6x 50 on descend it man ok 1:10
Main Set 5 x 100 swim a pretty fast speed like so its feelin like oh im tired but im not too tired but almost 1 min rest after each
Main Set 1 x 500 my best practice 500 is 5:10, try to beat the Ratio! no interval just go with in 15 seconds
of your 5 100s added together.
Main Set 1 x200 off blocks
2 x 100s off blocks
4 x 50s off blocks
These should all be fast like 95% of your best time. They should get your heart over 30 beats in 10seconds. 200 on 10 minutes, 100s on 8 minutes, 50s on 6 minutes
Drill Set whatever you want
do some of your favorite drills. My favorite is dont do anything and get yelled at.
Warm-Down warm yourself down you did a great job
so did i for making this. Im gonna go workout again. Come to North if you want to see me and get my autograph or
the pretty fast kids'.

Total = Dude SC Yards

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