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Ability Level:USS Sr./Jr. National Level
Course:SC Meters
Duration:120 + Minutes
Submitted By:liam teske
Email: Kanefearsclown@aol.com
Club:Newport pagnell
Club/Author Info:This is a mixture of drills and power work for the much needed technique of breaststroke

Set Category Set Description Set Intervals
Warm-up 500 free paced slowish
200 free kick
250 backstroke
200 back kick
200 im nice and easy
There are no what so ever intervals during warm up
Kick Set 8 25m breastkick @35 max effort
4 25m free @30 max effort
4 50m breastkick @1.00 max effort
2 50m free @1.00 max effort
2 100m breast kick @1.45 max effort
1 100m choicekick @2.00 slow
1 200m breastkick @3.30
Pull Set 400 breast pull
300 breast pull
200 breast pull
100 breast pull

400 free pull every 4th lenth do fly
Pre-Set 10 25s breast @40 max effort
12 25s im order @30 max effort

Main Set 4 200s breast divided into
50 race pace 50m slow 50 race pace 50 slow

100 back swim

12 100s im order @1.45
12 50s free @50
12 100s breast @1.45
12 50s choice @1.00

Total = addit SC Meters

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