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WorkoutTry if you can
Ability Level:USS Pre-Senior Level
Type:Sprint Freestyle
Course:SC Meters
Duration:90 Minutes
AuthorRicardo Wassall
Submitted By:Ricardo Wassall
Email: ricardowassall@zipmail.com.br
Club/Author Info:Braziliam coach specialized in short distance

Set Category Set Description Set Intervals
Warm-up 15x 100 5-cr
5-best stroke
on 1:45
Kick Set 3x {1x100 normal speed
{4x25 fast
100m on 2:00
25m on 35s
Drill Set 3x{3x15m
{1x25 for time
15m on 55s
after the 25m ,
50 low speed
Main Set 2x100m high speed
4x75m high speed
4x50m high speed
Warm-Down 8x100m cr low speed 10s

Total = 4050 SC Meters

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